Sun Jul 09 2023Updated Mon Jul 17 2023

Wildcat Website: Nose-to-Toes, Part One

by e(Liz)abeth (Mars)ton

I’m doing a seven-part series on how and why I made this site as I have, cobbled together from teeny tiny pieces of Internet. This is the second post in the series, because we number from base-0, like proper nerds. (The first part is here.)

Last time, we talked a little bit about how and why I chose OpenBSD for my hosting. We wrapped up with the installation of NGINX and git, glossing over steps like setting up an OpenSSH keypair. In retrospect, this was too glossy of me. For while SSH is common knowledge to most nerds, it may not be well understood; in fact, I suspect rather a lot of Internet tutorials and HOWTOs also gloss over this step.

So, today, before we dive right into configuration of Nginx, we’re going to take a moment to talk about SSH, keypairs, what they are, and why they matter.

(N.B. this article was accidentally published early, before completion. As of 2023-07-17 I am updating it with the missing content. Ironically, the reason for the accident was that I was forced to move this site to Vercel and Cloudflare (keeping certain services, such as database and email, on OpenBSD.) I’ll continue the article series as planned, and then describe the motivation for moving away from the configuration described.)

Photo by ‘Art G’ on Flickr CC-BY-2.0. Found on Wikimedia Commons

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