Braving the Whiteboard

Speaking & Teaching

Speaking is something that I've had the opportunity to do fairly often — first at graduate school, and later, at Microsoft, where it was typical for members of my team to produce and conduct presentations on a variety of technical topics.

More recently, I've had the delightful experience of giving an hour-long presentation on privacy and anti-surveillance techniques for activists at the May Day 2023 Vancouver FreeSkool, a day-long conference attended by several hundred activists. While I have a recording of this event, I'm still in the process of cleaning it up (it would be embarrassing to release an audio recording of an event that left in the names and voices of participants!). When I'm finished removing everyone else's identifying information, I'll release it here.

Snapshot of the Freeskool schedule
Partial snapshot of schedule forMay Day 2023 Vancouver FreeSkool
Calligraphic embellishment of the name 'Liz'